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Create an operation (action) for quick selection of the object from the background. Our main time is spent on those actions that can and should be simplified special macros that are in Adobe Photoshop.
Создание операции для быстрого выделения объекта от фона

So, how do we make the selection process faster?
To get started go to menu Window-Actions or press Alt+F9. Next, take the image you want to edit and return to the action bar.
Now press Create new set on the Actions pane.
Next to this menu, press the Create new action. Should automatically begin recording a new operation.
Right-click select the layer with the image and duplicate it. Remove the visibility of the lower layer simply by removing from it the eye icon.
Create a new layer Shift+Ctrl+N and make it the color black.
Repeat the action, only instead of black take white.
In the end you should have 2 new layer with white and black background. They can immediately be blocked as they will be the only auxiliary layers and edit them is not necessary. Move them below the main layer.
Select the layer with the object that we want to allocate.
Go to menu Layer-Layer Mask-Reveal All and create a layer mask. Put a stop to operations using the menu item Insert Stop.
Then take any of the selection tools and start to define the object in the photo. After you are done with this activity, press Shift+Ctrl+I to invert the selection, put black color on the background and click the delete button. So we made a selection of the object and removed the background behind him.
We have just simplified my problem in the future – made action, which can automatically create the backgrounds and mask for the layer.
Learn more about how to create the operation.