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Back to Previous Page – link on the same page in Joomla

Back to Previous Page

Back to Previous Page is a module that offers to install on your site is running CMS Joomla link pointing to same page of the project. Everything is simple and clear – you specify the text content of links, and the user optionally is returned to the previous content for your website when you click on it.

Back to Previous Page

I would recommend manually install the module to install the links or images on the same page, without spending your$ 10, because the extension is not free! But how to implement it in practice, we will discuss in our next lessons, and now consider the pay decision.

After you install and enable the module, you will have a few settings: this insert text in a special field (text will be visible to users who want to navigate to another page); transformation of text, its color when you hover and the color of standard links; the font size, the stroke of the text.

Cons: this setting only one – you will not be able to change the link to the image but not only text!


All modern versions of this module for Joomla in one archive.
Support any language.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.