Social buttons are an integral part of any website, so today I will present information about the wonderful, has just released a plugin called B2J Social Sharer Plugin. The implementation of this extension is standard, but it stands out the fact that you can choose from 3 different options and looks panel social bookmarking very well on almost any website. Bang2Joom Social Plugin is an extension for Joomla which displays social buttons from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and also e-mail and Pinterest. Each of the buttons can be configured. Settings: 3 display. Can work for the following components: K2, Joomla, redSHOP. The user can select all or just select more than one component. B2J Social Sharer Plugin comes in 3 sizes and 3 styles: icon only, text only, icons and text. He also has 3 directions: left, center, right.   the Buttons can be placed as the articles before and after them. Bang2Joom Social Plugin: super custom compatible with Joomla! 2.5 works with K2, redSHOP, Joomla articles plugin