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aikon Awesome compare two images before and after processing

aikon Awesome Compare is a module that turns your project into an entirely different plane. It can be used to compare 2 images (before and after processing) and to demonstrate their abilities.
aikon Awesome Compare

Make sure that your skills are appreciated!
Want visitors of the website understand the difference between you and competitors? Well, the best way to do this visual. Using the module aikon Awesome Compare, you show the differences between the edited image and the original. In addition, the extension can be used to compare products in the online shop or simply make your site more readable.
Operation of the module and its settings are very simple – you upload a couple of pictures and indicate which one is before and which after treatment.
In many ways, this solution is perfect for retouchers, photographers and people associated with the images.
5 themes and settings to them
Full control over the design
Cross-browser support
Auto-adaptive design
Work out of the box
Custom module