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Avito – ad parsing via ZennoPoster

Авито парсинг

Now a very relevant phenomenon in Russia is calling on the collected Internet phones from Avito, Yula , etc.To spar such a base through the program ZennoPoster, you must at least have patience, good proxies and many other attributes of modern life online.

The main evaluation criterion for the client, of course, is the speed of work, so it is important for me not only to have time to pass a ready-made script or database, but also to learn some new approaches to collecting information from a resource that blocks everything (so that no one accidentally engaged in parsing their site). Avito has not been famous for many criteria for a long time, so many people switched to Yule, but nevertheless, there are still quite a lot of people sitting on this resource.
Avito-ads in Russia-Ads on the site Avito
< h3>parsing Avito to Excel, CSV, TXT format

We offer a service to collect the necessary keywords information from Avito and Yula, this data, as you know, can be used for:

  • Analytics of competitors in their service subjects;
  • calling people selling services;
  • collecting the client base, etc.

At the moment, the script is made ZennoPoster< / strong> for phones, but there is a variant with names, number of views and other important criteria for selecting competitors. You can order such a database here.

Note: all data collected from Avito is public, so the rights of third parties are not violated and the laws of the Russian Federation as well!