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Online photo editor Avatan – simple, fast, effective

Avatan фоторедактор

Avatan is not just another image editor that can do specialized tasks like photo correction or retouching. It allows you to create collages, resize images, and help you to apply filters, text and more. In this article we will try to analyze the main features of this online photo editor that make working at the computer and save time.

So, first look at the interface online image editor.
We immediately offered to upload a photograph through the computer, the social network Vkontakte or Facebook. Without this primary action access the editor you get.
The main operations then took such actions as:

You can specify values manually or move the mouse over the edges of the visible region. The rest, which have to be deleted is highlighted in dark color.


Ultimately everything is clear – either you specify a rotation angle or rotate by pressing the right button, horizontally and vertically.

To change the size

To specify image dimensions like you can with the pixels and in percentage. It is also possible to keep aspect ratio.

Change the exposure

The choice of settings involves the following items: shadows, light and contrast.

Color change

You can choose to change the saturation temperature of an image and apply auto color.


The differences between the sharpness and the clarity for me is conditional, so try to work it out…

Other options the default settings of photo editor Avatan

Each of these filters has its own functionality, to describe them does not make sense, since their implementation is possible to understand the title and clicking on them.

The same goes for effects (why bother to divide the effects and filters is not clear, as it was possible to combine) – apply the desired effect, simply clicking on it.

Action, or an action, actions are individual scripts that make the editing process much easier and faster. But only in this editor, please explain what action differs from filitra or effect?

As for textures, they are usually, and the choice of extremely scarce, unlike effects. 🙂

Stickers or labels – that’s really something you can access this online image editor, as they allow a hassle to add to a photo of the item you want.

As without embed the text in the picture? This process takes a lot of time, especially if you are determined initially with a choice of font.

By photo retouching you can do in any of our online Photoshop editor, so you can try and here their achievements. For me it is much more convenient as a normal editor with masks and brushes.

On our website you can find a huge number of frames for Photoshop totally free, or you can use the menu editor.

The results
In General, a good and unusual photo editor called Avatan can count on a good mark for speed of processing and the number of effects applied to it. But of course, there are small defects which, however, can not affect the overall impression of the online miracle.