Photo lessons

Ideas for creating autumn pictures

Despite the boring as it first seems, colors that are present in autumn in the streets, you can take pictures of really interesting places and make beautiful and vivid pictures. For this you will need a good camera and a little skill, and great ideas for photographing in the fall. Today we tell about them, and show with examples how your images look amazing in the autumn.
Идеи для создания осенних фотографий

Wreaths of leaves
Look great portraits taken in the fall using conventional attribute this time of year – bright and beautifully decorated leaves.
The portrait in the leaves
A similar effect will be shooting in the fall leaves and the selection of a particular object among a large number of maple leaves. You can combine the 1st and 2nd version together and create a song from the wreath and grass – it looks very appropriate and impressive.
Bouquets of leaves
Here everything is clear – what a bouquet, and a photograph. What it prettier, the better will the final image. Of course you need to shoot at the right angle, not covering a large part of the photo distracting unnecessary elements of type grass or rain.
Walk with a flashlight
Popular at the moment were pictures where there is a kind of mysticism, a special creative and original idea. In this approach it is possible to allocate the idea of creating a photo walk in the woods with a flashlight. Yeah, no one… or almost no one…!
Photo shoot with an umbrella
Quite original, but not a new idea is a photo shoot with the umbrella. This shoot definitely will not recommend for an elderly person or a brutal guy, but these photos will be relevant for young girls and will attract the attention of others.
Photo session with children
In previous lessons we have talked about how to create a photo shoot with children. This idea underscores the fact that can invent anything at any time of the year, and photos of children turn out is always great.
Foggy landscapes
The perfect combination of harmony and creativity – this is a photo from scenery, to which is represented by fog. You can try to capture this moment in the early morning or evening.
Mirrored landscapes
This technique of photography involves perseverance and patience, as a point you can wait for a day. Of course, you will also need quality equipment, and experience.
Rain drops on leaves
Look attractive drops on the leaves not only fall, but spring. However, you will surely love to photograph them and to enjoy the snapshots.
Leaves in frost
A similar technique to the previous one, but with a difference in a slightly different way – here you have to concentrate not only on a particular portion of the territory, but to wait for the right moment to capture an image of this event.
Photographing mushrooms and berries
If it leaves you tired, try to take pictures of berries and mushrooms. They are harder to find, of course, the maple leaves, but the photos turn out vibrant and original.
The view from the window
You can remove the view from the window in rainy weather, as it is very popular and just a regular yard or trees that are located near a window. In any case, such pictures produce an unforgettable effect on users.
Autumn still life
If you are a fan of this genre, then by all means try your hand at it, as a correctly placed fruits and vegetables at this time of the year will add charm to the whole composition, and your friends will enjoy the beautiful images.
The flowers and leaves close up
Macro photography always inspires the creation of something more than just a regular photo. Try to take a picture of the leaves and flowers together and pick up a uniform to them the background is going to be awesome!

чай и кофе

Hot tea or coffee
This technique was used long ago when the hottest pair of tea or coffee rose above the cold and wet air of the city. Such pictures are always in an advantageous option due to its simplicity and sensuality, and philosophy – is an effective action.