Buying links with miralinks, gogetlinks, collaborator

At the moment, there are not so many specialized and high-quality exchanges, or simply regular intermediaries through which you can legally (especially for legal entities) to buy articles or links to your site.< / p>

Перевод текста через сервис API Яндекса

Text translation via Yandex API service

Once through freelancing exchange received another order for the translation of a large amount of data from the site – from English to Russian. to quickly complete the task and meet the agreed deadlines, you need to process massive chunks of text and parse a lot of information. But this is not a problem because […]


Download music bananastreet.ru script ZennoPoster, case No. 4

Once received the application for the downloading of musical works from the site bananastreet.ru (basically, here are the mixes, remixes, remakes, etc.). To me the task seemed easy enough in execution, but in fact was not so. What made me to write a post just about this website and parsing data through ZennoPoster – read […]

Накрутка голосов в Фотостране при помощи ZennoPoster

Votes cheating in the fotostrana search using ZennoPoster

We offer you to look at the script to cheat the votes in the popular social network called Fotostrana. Action fully automatiseret the work of people in this network of like-minded people, and you get “pumped” profile for their own purposes. These goals can be completely different from offers own or third party services, and […]

Seosprint + ZennoPoster = automation and monetization

Been trying to get to the script for the automation project Seosprint, and finally did. Now you can put in the program ZennoPoster in the Manager of tasks the frequency of running the script and it will automatically start to collect tribute from the service. В чем суть сайта с одноименным названием? Вы периодически заглядываете […]

kwork заработок

How much can you earn in Kwork?

In the first part of quark I was going through the overall structure of the website Kwork and its main advantages and disadvantages in comparison with competitors. Today I will talk about how much real money you can put in your pocket with this project, or more precisely, to withdraw to webmoney (as other ways […]

База ремонт квартир

Parsing using ZennoPoster – Yula, Bulletin Board

Sometimes you want to upload or download large volume of data on the website. It is for these tasks today become popular all sorts of parsers and online services. Personally, I like the program ZennoPoster as it can be running like a Pro, and novice user of the Internet. Today I would like to tell […]

заказать парсинг

Parsing the associations to implement the site – the case №2

Continuing the theme of parsing and lay out the case No. 2, entitled “Parsing associations to implement on site.” In this article we will explain how you can request parsing to create an automated script using the program :Run: and to make it as convenient for the client and, of course, ourselves…

Парсинг Яндекс Карт через ZennoPoster

Parsing Yandex Maps using ZennoPoster – case No. 1

Today we will discuss with you the parsing of Yandex Maps through the popular program to automate actions in the browser :Serves:. With this software you can really do almost anything. Our case No. 1 is dedicated to the unique and, most importantly, very fast-gathering organizations and their data from Yandex Maps, and is intended […]

SERP через ZennoPoster

How to make a SERP using ZennoPoster, part 3 – script Zenno

In the last tutorial I told how to run his own scripts and put them on the server. Now came the turn to finish this topic and make a script ZennoPoster, which will allow not only to determine the right keywords and get the data from search engines, but also to make the result into […]