Been trying to get to the script for the automation project Seosprint, and finally did. Now you can put in the program ZennoPoster in the Manager of tasks the frequency of running the script and it will automatically start to collect tribute from the service.

В чем суть сайта с одноименным названием?

Вы периодически заглядываете на проект, смотрите рекламу в своем браузере/решаете задачи/тестируете приложения и т.п., и за эти действия получаете скромный заработок в виде нескольких копеек или рублей. Все достаточно просто и лаконично!

It does not matter whom you work or still studying, as at the present time it is customary to use the computer for everyday tasks. To slightly automate entering and changing data in text documents was invented macros. They not only help to save a lot of time, but also to facilitate monotonous work with text. Today we will get acquainted with unique solution in this area – a text editor called Notepad++ is one of the most popular programs that can really make a lot.
Макросы Notepad++

Our current training video associated with this action, which we do constantly, or would like to make it. After all, you can split text by rows is very convenient, especially if you have a document with a large amount. How to use the program RoboTask to realize the separation of any text portions of the rows will be discussed in this article. How to create an action using this program, we have described in previous…

For many operations with the text you need every time to perform operations that require you to fill out forms, the introduction of certain data in the input fields and more. To simplify these tasks, and perform in an automatic mode of operation with the text, we will create a temporary file on your desktop that will help us to edit the text, and then delete this file, but first put its contents to the clipboard in order to paste data into the document. All of these actions, we will be using a unique program to automate actions on your computer – RoboTask.
Скрипт для RoboTask

Today we are going to produce a standard cycle in the RoboTask. Using the function you will be able not only to set the desired values but also to produce various manipulations with them. Described in more detail the technique of execution of the loop in the example with a value that may change dynamically. So let’s look at an example where we will insert the desired value into the input field and it will be repeated just as many times.
Скрипт для RoboTask - Simple Loop

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