Sitebuilding Wordpress lessons

Wordpress lessons

In the category “Wordpress tutorials” you can find interesting materials for the implementation of the plugins, components of the CMS. The most or one of the most popular of today’s content management systems can offer a whole range of tasks, as well as set on your system popular top plugins and components. All you need is to pick up the necessary items to install them through the admin panel, and to explore the features of Wordpress to get started.

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AppsPro from GavickPro – template for Joomla

{:ru}GavickPro представила шаблон под названием AppsPro. Данный вариант оформления подойдет тем, кто хочет "продвинуть" свое приложение в популярных магазинах от Google или Apple. Отличный адаптивный шаблон,...