Responsivizer – adaptive design for your website

Responsivizer – super app for Joomla 3, and also the decision to change the primary template for the mobile version of the website. Now the entire site can be installed as an adaptive version of the main template, all that is required is to install and configure this component.

JBounce the pop – up window with spectacular settings

JBounce – a short name for an module that allows to set the pop-up window, and also provides different effects when it appears. The basis of the success of this extension can be considered ready preset data, which helps the site administrator to configure.

Responsive Google presentation in an adaptive format

Responsive Google Presentation is a module that allows you to install popular presentations from Google. The best way to introduce the site running Joomla Google presentation and make it adaptive, all in 1 solution.

JSN Mobilize PRO – create mobile version of website

JSN Mobilize PRO is not only a practical solution but a great component that allows you to create versatile templates for Joomla mobile version of the site. Thus, you will have access setup to change the modules positions, the individual menus and beautiful themes.

RSMail! component mailing lists in Joomla

RSMail! is an ideal means to send messages in HTML format, as well as creating advertising campaigns and news subscriptions. In addition, this solution will appeal to those who like to structure their data and website users in order to distribute the tasks in the future.

Projectfork – project management in Joomla

Projectfork is a complex consisting of extensions and components of project management which is fully customizable and suitable for any needs. Usually this solution is used by institutions, political parties, as well as small businesses and various organizations.

IProperty Real Estate – management real estate

IProperty Real Estate is a comprehensive tool for managing your property. Intelligent component allows to combine the efforts of real estate agents, brokers, management companies of private property, as well as easily upload and change settings and parameters lists via user-friendly interface of the administrative panel.

LUCiD Pro-Adblock – enable ad blocking on sites!

LUCiD Pro-Adblock is a special solution and a plugin that helps to turn off ads on sites by installing a software extension to the browser. The purpose of this Joomla solution is to inform the website user that it is not set to block ads.