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WordPress or Joomla – what to choose when creating a website?

In our article we examine the most popular platforms or CMS system, which is designed to create a full website with many different features. Among these by far are 2 CMS systems – Joomla and WordPress. They are, as you figured, got its share of popularity due to its ease of use, huge number of […]


Social Sharing – share with friends by Joomla

Social Sharing is one of the few solutions for Joomla, which is a free component that allows you to set a beautiful social media buttons to share with other users content. It supports such popular social.network like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vkontakte and over 50.


wbAMP – new update for your mobile version of Joomla

wbAMP is essentially an additional lotion, which is designed to increase the traffic to your site by pointing search engines to a special markup format designed for mobile devices. Recently (at the time of writing this article) Google has released a specialized version of code for mobile devices, and more specifically for sites that are […]


Quicx component to create adaptive pages Joomla

Quicx is not just a great component, but the long-awaited solution for many Joomla users, as it allows you to create and edit adaptive pages, supports templates for them and more. Now you can get the most from the efficiency of Joomla and build your own templates for pages with dynamic and complex content inside […]


Page Background Changer With Video – video on website background

Page Background Changer With Video – extension to insert video to a website. A great module for Joomla that will help you set the individual style and background to the site. A simple solution allows you to change the background of the usual project page, you can change the background color, the animation, and insert […]


Tappy by errnio effects when you Pat on the screen

Tappy by errnio is a continuation of another plugin called Gestures by errnio that controls the gestures in the mobile version of the website. In the mobile version of this feature adds an auxiliary layer for information and interaction with the selected text on your project. Each press of the finger, which selects the text […]