How to increase website traffic

Many site owners don’t understand why so few visitors. Felts from the fact that the site is young and a lot of competition, roofing felts something not considered in the work. There are some important rules and options that should be considered when promoting the site.

Analysis poor sites – No. 1 website

We begin the analysis of poor sites. The first test will be the management company with the name “” or the limited liability company “Housing-the municipal company” (LLC “Zhytomyr cardboard factory”), which was founded in (although who cares?). LLC “ZHYTOMYR CARDBOARD FACTORY “LIGHT HOUSE” As you can see from the screenshot, the management company is […]

Website Monetization by MageNet

Website Monetization by MageNet is a rapid monetization of the site

Get extra income from your own website or blog simple, fast, and convenient way using a special plug-in monetization of the site MageNet. This WordPress plugin automatically allows you to sell contextual ads from your pages and receive payments to your Bank card or PayPal. To get started, just get MageNet key (API).

Блокировка пид расов

How to block pid..owls in WordPress by IP

Sometimes gays appear out of nowhere, but real gay people sit in the network constantly trying to get your data at any cost their own ass. Today we will talk about how to protect your own ass (site) from the encroachments of pid..racial gay and doing it correctly.


Kwork – exchange freelancers, pros and cons (review contractor)

Exchange freelancers Kwork unlike or workzilla can boast that there are no artists to PAY for not yet existing work (e.g., only knows how to “breed” money – nothing more useful is not nor for those who take up the work, nor for those who are offering it!). But do all of this […]

wordpress api

Configuring advanced input elements in WordPress API

When the user completed the introductory course and gained the relevant skills in working with API and other options of the theme, then it’s time to study the remaining 3 input functions and methods of their implementation in the structure of the theme.

WordPress API

Creating a menu/submenu in your WordPress admin

The ability to create menus and submenus is necessary for each user who develops :WordPress API. This is due to the fact that they are one of the most important places in building the functionality of themes and plugins. Thanks to these guidelines, each user will be able to understand the main intricacies of creating […]

WordPress API

Guide to setting up WordPress API: tab navigation

This part of the article provides for close cooperation with the Settings API. Using Settings API, we asked the WordPress team to develop values for all groups settings in the database. Since we have defined two kinds of settings, the database will be equipped with two rows. After the program using forms displays options directly […]