Выбор глянцевой бумаги для домашнего использования

Choice glossy paper for home use

For an objective evaluation of the quality of paper intended for home use, you need to know about some of the most important criteria. Choosing such kind of consumables for printers, glossy photo paper, to consider the indicators that will be discussed below in the article. глянцевая фотобумага, учитываются показатели, которые будут рассмотрены ниже в […]

Раскраска чб фото

How to colorize black and white photos (Photoshop and 3 option)

The ability to create color photographs appeared in the early 20th century. In our country, the technology gained popularity only in the early 90s. Many family photo albums are stored memorable black-and-white images that were taken about half a century ago. Pictures of the old model have special values and can cause a flash of […]


Photobook like a personal advertisement for photographer

Why did the photographer to order prints of your photo books with their works? The photobook is an incredible tool to achieve the “wow”effect from your photos. When you view the results you have carried out photo shoots in this format, your potential customers formed a very positive opinion about the level that you are […]

Movavi фоторедактор

Nicely handle a photo with Movavi photo editor

Today there is almost person who is not registered in the social network and who to share life events in the form of images. In other matters, the entire social network is built on the fact to Express the best moments of life in photos. But even here it is possible to stand out through […]

Выбор объектива для начинающего фотографа

Choosing a lens for a novice photographer

In the market of digital equipment camera lenses are presented in different categories. Products for beginners are sold separately, lenses for photography lovers also considered a separate category, and, of course, equipment for professionals cannot be compared with the other two groups. Such a classification is a reference division which helps to understand the huge […]

суши фото

How beautiful to take pictures of sushi and rolls

In the art of food shooting the most important thing is to choose the most “photogenic” food. Sushi and rolls-from such products. This dish is perfectly obtained in the photos, and it is easy to shoot.


OCR editor – text Recognizer online with photo

Today we will learn how to recognize text from image or PDF document via the online service OCR. Also consider the various ways of text output from the image directly to WORD, EXCEL, and plain text, and determine which of these types of documents will be optimal. Let’s say you have a file in PDF […]

HDR - High Dynamic Range Imaging

HDR – High Dynamic Range Imaging – Dynamic range photos

High Dynamic Range Imaging or HDR abbreviated stands for high dynamic range photography. If more available, it is a special effect image in which all details of the exposition are saved in a specific format and clearly visible as light and dark colors. For example, You decide to photograph a panorama or landscape in the […]

Ночная фотосъемка

“To make” or how to take night photos with

Here we will try to analyse all aspects of night photography and give you tips on choosing correct exposure, and this tutorial will present various techniques of photography, which were not considered previously. You will receive practical tips on how to use the camera when photographing objects at night or in low light conditions.


Kinds of tripods – the pros and cons, the differences

In one of the previous lessons, we wrote about choosing a tripod and about what he needed first and foremost. Today we’ll talk about the design features of tripods and how to dispose of them before the purchase. So, we have several significant characteristics which will certainly need to use…