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ARK Editor is a great editor for Joomla

The ARK Editor (formally known as a WYSIWYG editor) is an universal application designed to simplify the creation of content in the CMS Joomla.
ARK Editor

Includes a new technology called inline editing that allows users to edit page elements directly without having to use a special editing screen. For this reason, it can be indispensable when creating content in Joomla and make it incredibly easy!
In addition, this editor available adaptive design that will be very useful when adding material from mobile devices.
There are 3 tabs among which you can choose an appropriate method of editing.
If you need to edit the text not from the administration panel, it is also possible to arrange.
Support for all styles, shapes, and tables.
A visual editor.
Edit code directly.
Easy paragraphs and the insertion of various forms.
Several varieties of adding content to your website.


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