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Adobe Photoshop has a great feature called Apply Image. Today we’ll analyze all the main points that are associated with the tool and its features and main advantages in the processing of both channels and other images.
Использование Apply Image в Фотошоп

First consider what the function in the program.
The combination of images in the composition
The creation of the channel, and also change and edit the other channels
Masks and modifying them with selection of channels
The brightness of the masks and their opacity relative to the original image
Hint: always use a duplicate layer to apply the tool.
Very often used channels for image processing in this case, therefore, we consider their example, what is the use of Apply Image.
To begin, create a duplicate layer using Ctrl + J.
Then go to the bar Channels and create a duplicate of any of the channels (for the first time, to understand the essence of what is happening). For example, red.
Now go to the menu Photoshop – Image – Apply Image. Here we see several options for superposing the snapshot.
Source – choose the image you want to edit.
Layer – the layer to be processed.
, Channel – the selected channel (in this case red)
Target – the purpose of the overlay.
Blending – the mapping type (select from dropdown list).
Opacity – the opacity percentage.
The video shows examples of overlay images with the red channel.

The same steps can also be performed with other channels – green and blue.

Applying the above operations, you can experiment on the photo – have to try to put in RGB format our top layer.
For each of the channels will have a different value for the same action, for example, Difference.