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Appbonus: mobile earnings = 3 rubles from above


To earn money online and on your mobile phone, you just need to set the “right” app for collecting money. This application is called “Appbonus”, it can replenish your budget on the minimum amount, while not taking away much time.
Appbonus: мобильный заработок

How does it work?
You install the program in your smartphone, then perform simple tasks such as installing another app, open it and get the cherished money.
For example, you can download games, utilities, services, search of tickets etc. in addition to the usefulness of the apps themselves, you can test their quality on their own, and Appbonus will reward you for the effort. In addition, you do not need to spend money on mobile communication, because you can withdraw money straight to their mobile phone account. The job, of course, updated frequently and periodically, so do not worry that they will be available at all times.
Mobile trading with Appbonus!
Friends = referrals!
If you want to increase your earning on mobile games, then send a special code to friends, acquaintances and anyone who uses the Internet, i.e. everything…
Code to receive 3 rubles from the account when an application is installed, JP3BMM