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Text translation via Yandex API service

Перевод текста через сервис API Яндекса

Once through freelancing exchange received another order for the translation of a large amount of data from the site – from English to Russian.

to quickly complete the task and meet the agreed deadlines, you need to process massive chunks of text and parse a lot of information. But this is not a problem because we have a software called :ZennoPoster:. With its help, we implement the process as efficiently and easily as possible, because it already has a special module that allows you to connect the API of the Yandex Translator service.


The difficulties of translation

The only drawback was the absence of standard tools in the settings of the module switching API keys from the presented list. It is inconvenient to switch them every time in the settings of the program itself, and with large amounts of text, this action makes no sense.


Also, the shortcomings of the software can be attributed to the inability of the program to manually change the API key and continue the translation process, as well as the inability to work before restarting the program every time after entering the key in the software settings. I. e. if you decide to change the key, then you necessarily need to re-enable ZennoPoster and continue to translate the text from the last paragraph, which is extremely logical. But for these purposes, there is a ready-made solution!

Finding a solution on the zennolab forum

Usually, if you encounter any difficulty while writing a script for :ZennoPoster:, you will definitely be helped in solving the problem on the zennolab forum.
I also in addition created a topic on a forum with the indication of the arisen difficulty at translation, but unfortunately the ready decision at once did not find. On aid came 1 comrade, which suggested a where precisely seek the answer on its question, and this decision me perfectly helped. The essence was as follows:

  • You use c# code to insert the API key (which can of course be changed later);
  • Next, collect data separately on the proposals and enter them in the list (so that there are no errors when translating large volumes of text);
  • Actually, you do the translation and put the collected data in a variable and save it in the desired format (TXT, CSV, EXCEL).


The software is a truly universal product with which you can solve almost any problem, there is support for translation modules not only from Yandex, but also Google, Microsoft, Bing and others. < / p>

To do routine tasks faster, and not spend a lot of time on them, I recommend following link…< / p>