AP.KeyGrabber – keyword statistics at Yandex


AP.KeyGrabber is a new solution for analyzing and collecting statistics from the popular Russian search engine Yandex.
Many previously had to use such a resource as Yandex Wordstat – keyword statistics at Yandex. Now we have a simple and intuitive solution – AP.KeyGrabber!


What good this program is, and what makes it better than standard service from Yandex?
First, AP.KeyGrabber is just modified to be easy to use program, it allows you to collect all the desired data by key words in the search engine.
Secondly, it is a shell of the same service from Yandex, but it is much easier to use.
In addition, you have the option to copy the required data or open them in Excel document.
There is a convenient search on the “keywords”, and the delete button to collect only really necessary words.


What can I say in the end – a very useful program, and, moreover, much easier the Yandex Wordstat, open the browser, because here, unlike analog, you don’t need to enter a captcha!
Download AP.KeyGrabber on the website of the manufacturer.