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Antivirus Website Protection – full antivirus in Joomla

Antivirus Website Protection component to protect your site from viruses and spyware, which are implemented using different technologies. It can be links and code in your template was not downloaded from a trusted source, or hacker attack.
Antivirus Website Protection

This extension is free to use, but, of course, there are different limitations unlike the paid version. First and foremost is the number of files to be scanned, number of scans per day, special services, such as deleting malicious code and support.
First you need to register in the system after you download and install the component.
Then start scanning your site for errors and viruses.
You can close the page and not wait until the process is complete, as the report will still come to the email address specified during registration.
If everything is in order, you will see the icon is green and says that no suspicious objects on your website is not found.
If the project detected viruses and spyware, then this certainly will know and will show what files should be either deleted or redone.
In the Reports tab, you will find information about the date, time and running processes scan.
One of the only solutions for Joomla-kind.
Fast processing of scripts on the external server.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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