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Amix – office or the office for “cattle”, a rhetorical question?


In this article we’ll talk about the next “Petersburg service”, which is famous for its straightforward approach. I think the truth is somewhere near, and it is in the minds of those people who recruit “same” performers… But all in good time…
This time under “operating the knife” got the company “Amix”, which specializiruetsya “#budoserwis” and shipment of goods for the light at the end of the tunnel. The link to the site will not leave you to suffer in choosing the same type saytik under the same name.

From zapadoslovenska., the same root as the verb to be. The initial value (preserved in the Czech bydlo) — “being, as, the seat.” Later in Polish developed bydł o the value of “home”, then “property”, finally (XIV century) “cattle” (Fig. will decrease. bydlę). In this sense, borrowed in the Ukrainian language (the Beadle), which also acquired a figurative meaning “people equate to cattle.” Hence, the modern Russian values.
Part 1 – attitude towards customers
So, down to business…
Called I (14 September 2017) at the telephone number listed on one of the sites: +7 (812) 327-33-96.
I was interested in a specific profile for led strip and at a specific price, which I voiced to the Manager (though the first man, the girl, could not even open the computer to see the stock status of the product, shifting to another consultant). Well, I thought, sometimes, may not be very “fresh” computer at work…
Guy, in contrast to girls, realized at once that need to find something on the website amix, I just made a note that saw the product (which I have voiced to him in the phone) on their website. Pereproshit again the data of the product and its name, he frantically started looking for it in its database. After that, asked him ARTICLE!!! product. I said that there are no items, only item name and description, plus pictures. Then he asked which site I wanted I’m looking for!!! I say, at this. He told me – it’s NOT OUR website!!! I do…Oh eat! (Things to say to a client can only people with certain skills, or lack of any).
Well, I thought, it is necessary to ask a rhetorical question. I said, “and a phone number where I call yours? It is listed on this website, and it is also indicated the position and item that I had previously requested!”
The Manager, apparently waiting for the standard questions, just said, “This is not our website, I can say that is on our website.”
You feel called or non-professionals of their craft, or just to the office, which is not something that does not value their customers and treat them like “cattle”… Making a direct correspondence – we treat people the way you want to be treated, right? :))
Part 2 – registration on the website
Go ahead…
I decided to register on their “official website” that was given to me immediately (the person who have created more than 1 dozen own sites…). However, I was able to order that now was “waiting.” I waited about 2 more hours, after which I decided to call myself.
Calling once again in this company, I decided just to call your order number (#2774), and find out at what stage it is in.
The conversation with the Manager (and others) was:
I: “Hello! Would like to know what my order number #2774, which was made on your website?”
Manager: “let’s see… the order is on hold (thank you, ska, what he said)”
I: “So it took more than 2 hours after placing, when can we take him?”
Manager: “That’s not long – just a couple of hours… we Have some orders on 1 day are…”
Here I have the words cultural “St. Petersburg” is already over apparently, and I decided to act differently. Summary of “the other” you see before you…