Ночной режим / Night mode

How to embed the videos on your site, as well as how to quickly configure the plugin AllVideos, discussed in today’s lesson. This extension will fit almost any project as the default player, and also used a lightweight script that will not affect the loading speed of your pages.

First you need to download the plugin from the developer’s site, and then install it in Joomla.
Next, go to the plugin Manager and enable only the installed extension called AllVideos.
Available in a choice of 3 versions is a normal player, responsive design and the player in the frame.
If you plan to upload videos to your server, you can specify the destination folder where you will take your creations.
You can also configure:
The width and height of the player.
Transparency and the background.
The display control buttons.
Download the audio and its settings.
In advanced settings, you can specify where to load the script player – from a local server or from a CDN.
As for the code itself, which will be used in the system, it is very easy to use:
{youtube]heu67e23qs{/youtube], {flv]batman_darknight{/flv] or {mp3]rhombi{/mp3]