AllSubmitter – program for the promotion of website through registration


AllSubmitter is one of the leaders in the field of “run of site” and programmes for promotion of the website through registration at special sites, such as forums, social networks, directories, etc.

With the help of this program you will be able to improve the performance of their projects, such as the TIC and PR. There are, of course, more flexible solutions, such as ZennoPoster.
First, AllSubmitter allows you to perform actions such as semi-automatic registration. What does it mean?
You enter the data of your website such as URL, title, description in automatic mode, the word verification (CAPTCHA), then click on the “Register” button. After that, expect the verification code in the mail, and your website was!
There is also an automatic mode. It differs because you do not need to make any data and just press just a single button and wait for the end result.
But most importantly, of course, is to create your project, where you can specify information such as Title, Description, E-mail, URL, etc. you’ll need them for later entry into the appropriate fields on sites where you want to leave information about yourself.
And one more thing – download the current database in which you want to register!


In addition, the program has other components, such as registration report, check references, etc.
The program is constantly updated, it is adjusted and corrected errors, therefore a relatively large value more than pays for itself!
Also please see this extension :LastPass: for browsers that helps in similar situations, and cope with completing the profile in automatic mode.