Alexa Boostup – to improve Alexa rating using the service

Alexa Boostup

Alexa Boostup is a great service for promotion in the international rating of the same name, which is designed to determine the ranking of your website among all websites (not only in Runet). Using conventional browsing through this online service you will be able to raise the position of your project and increase the conversion rate further.


How does this service Alexa Boostup?
You set the sites that you need to promote in the search engines, then click on the button “Launch Auto Surf”, which means to start auto surfing.
You can always see the number of points (points) and viewed the sites to evaluate and make statistics on them. Also available referral program through which you can attract other users and earn extra points (bonuses).
If you need to quickly and efficiently promote a lot of resources, then for you there are tariff plans to buy the local currency of the service (points) that can be then exchanged views on their or other sites.
You may ask what’s different about this service, say from a similar solution.
It’s very simple – in Alexa ranking only takes into account the views of the users who have installed a special panel from the above mentioned service. So you can go to the settings panel of the service and to download the toolbar for your browser.