Script for RoboTask – up service on schedule

You probably had to use an alarm clock, and someone can’t live without him. But today speech not about it, and how with the help of RoboTask you can use the steps that help to include a reminder in the form of an audio signal according to a schedule. For example, in the morning when the computer itself will remind you of yourself.
Скрипт для RoboTask

So, begin to study the material about how to make a clock with its own funds with the help of the computer.
First we need to create a new script. Let’s call it “Alarm clock”, then create a simple loop that will produce operation. In the loop use the numbers from 1 to 5.
Now consider the behavior of our alarm clock. You can set the display information to be displayed in a special dialog box. For example, this will be the date and time of the day.
The next item is the box asking to stop script or continue (in case you’re a sound sleeper).
A little explain, what makes this script at this point. There is a window with a question, then checked the condition in which if you click on the Stop button, the script terminates, and if not, then automatically you click Yes/OK after 30 seconds, and the script continues.
You can also put a delay between actions, for example 3000 milliseconds.
Finally, the most important is the schedule by which to run our script.
You can configure it in the tab Triggering Events. That means triggering events.
Here we put the days of the week and time of the operation.
Persistent action and be sure not to forget to tick enable.