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Restore Joomla using Akeeba Kickstart

Akeeba Kickstart

In one of our previous lessons we learned how to create website backup for later restore on the hosting. In this example we will see how to get the website to work after a failure, attack or other server problems.

Восстановление Joomla при помощи Akeeba Kickstart

First, follow the link download the component find item download and download the latest version of the software called Akeeba Kickstart. The program is a online tool to extract the archive, in particular to retrieve your backup data directly on the server, so you can easily restore the data. There is a choice of standard ZIP or JPA, JPS archive files.

Now unpack the downloaded archive with the program in the root of our website. There is placed a previously prepared backup file.

Ie you have on the server in your website’s root must lie:

Backup your website ZIP or JPA, JPS.
File: basic – Kickstart.php language – EN-us.kickstart.ini and, perhaps even additional scripts (depending on version).

If done correctly, you type in the browser: https://ваш_сайт/kickstart.php and follow the instructions of the recovery system.