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Aimy H1 Heading – replace the first header in the article on H1

Joomla is a great tool for building virtually any project on the Internet, but it has some minuses. To fix one of them can this plugin called Aimy H1 Heading – it uses the first H2 heading is the default and translates it into H1. Thus, You do not need to change the properties of the template, rule, code, etc.

Aimy H1 Heading

This procedure is not only may affect the progress of the entire site, but also improves the logical structure of the project. This practical guide will help you understand and install the plugin.
Load the extension into a ZIP archive.
Go into the admin account of the site administrator.
In the menu choose “Extensions” → “extensions Manager”
Click the “Browse” button and choose the ZIP archive.
Click on the button “Download and install”.
In the beginning, you can just enable the plugin and specify the components that do not need to be processed. Will be able to enable debugging extensions, if something goes wrong.