aikon YouTube Video Background – video background Joomla

aikon YouTube Video Background is a module that allows you to install any video from popular video hosting Youtube in the background of your site. It’s very simple – you need to install the module and make the ID code in the corresponding field extension.

aikon YouTube Video Background

One can only imagine how transformed your project, if you install this module on your website. The video can be absolutely anything, so it can be used as a static image with animation and full-motion video with many transitions. Of course, you need to consider that the visitors are paying first of all attention to the content, not the visual design, but we all like the beautifully designed websites so safely purchase this extension from aikon.

Besides the above, you can set the height of the module, the text color and the style in which the content will be displayed.


Beginning with a specific place.
The color of the content and its framework.
The height of the module, its style.