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aikon Animated Menu animated menu Joomla

aikon Animated Menu is a special module for Joomla with which you can set animated menu with nice and smooth transitions, and effects. A distinctive feature is the flexible configuration and support on the manufacturer’s website.

Now you get to use exactly the menu that have been looking for and wanted. The animated menu allows you to create a modern and responsive version of the design. In the set there is a large number of transitions such as opacity, altitude changes, etc. in addition, complete – search bar, social icons and full control over the design and format – no need again to use a different extension or a different template.
According to the manufacturer this extension, invested a lot of time and effort to create an animated menu, as the module can be configured in any way. Includes different layouts for both mobile version and PC: side slide, full screen, etc. Amazing animations, and other incredible features waiting for you inside!
Looking a bit on the parameters, it is possible to appreciate its appeal.
The cost of this solution is small, and is a few bucks.
Various animation effects
A fully controlled design
Social icons and search
Automatic responsive design
The order of the elements
Setting positions
Mobile settings
Nested lists
Insert logo
RTL support


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