With a feature called aikon Easy Form Builder you can create any shape for your project in just 3 minutes. Use one of the preset themes, or go for it and create your own, adding the advanced options of the styles.

aikon Easy Form Builder

The extension is not free, like many other components of this manufacturer, but we can say with confidence that it is made subject to the requirements of many users, and is a combine to build various forms on your site.
In addition, now you don’t have to write long code just to insert a particular element on the page. Select the fields, then the subject, optimize the design and functionality, publish the form.
You can select styles, sizes, indentation, effects on mouse over, borders, shadows and more. Text is entered directly in the field of module or component.
In the pictures below you can see examples of the design of feedback forms and thank-you text.
The ability to install your own form on the website.
Many design settings.
The uniqueness of the component.