Advego Plagiatus – let us say together: plagiarism – no!


Advego Plagiatus is a unique program to search the Internet for copies of a specified document or part of its text, as well as checking the uniqueness of the material in percentage.

With the help of this program, which defines the uniqueness of the text, and it finds duplicates, you can easily edit the newly created material or to correct him so that he became 90-100% unique. This tool helps in the first place copywriters and webmasters to correct errors in the text and make it useful for search engines.
Why, you ask, that’s all you need to do? In order for your content seen search engines, as well as raised in search results them in the first position (after all, good content is always the best on the site)!
Besides, who needs the usual CTRL + C and CTRL + V? Only for those who can not himself write anything, and those who do not want to do anything!
With the SEO optimization of your project you need to consider the thousand and one details, because among them are checking the document for errors and the uniqueness of the text.
In order for you every time by not having to enter the captcha manually, the program includes a component antigate, which is designed to automatically enter symbols with letters. Connecting the external verification service CAPTCHA you save a lot of time.
Are in the program and other settings, such as deep and rapid verification, user log, change of encoding, the ability to remove unnecessary tags, etc.
There is also a similar program called Etxt Antiplagiat:


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