Talk about how you can extend the option modules due to the unique extensions from NoNumber company.
Advanced Module Manager

Advanced Module Manager is a special solution which allows you to set the display of modules on specified conditions. For example, you can show a certain module only on the home page and ONLY in article or module to display only the desired categories.
After installing the plugin, your admin panel in the module Manager you should see a settings button. You have to enable it, then to not return to these settings and to more this menu you are not distracted.
When you click on the settings menu you should see a modal window which can be used to set the required parameters.
Here you can set the color for modules (which is very convenient if you have many of them), open Windows in a separate pop-up Windows, etc.
The ability to set the color for easy distribution of modules.
Open modal Windows.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.