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Advanced Custom Fields – custom fields in WordPress


Customize your WordPress with powerful, professional and intuitive tool for building fields.

Advanced Custom Fields

The plugin Advanced Custom Fields is the perfect solution for any WordPress website that you want to provide more flexible data than other content management system.
Create your own visual fields
The selection is made from multiple input types (text, text area, image, file, page links, checkboxes, date picker, gallery, and more).
Confirmation fields to edit pages (using internal rules)
Easy data download via simple and friendly API
Using native WordPress content type for quick and easy editing process
The use of metadata for accurate process execution
Field types
Text (type text, api text)
Text area (type text, api text)
Number (type text, api number)
Email (type email, api text)
Password (type password, api text)
WYSIWYG (the wysiwyg editor, the html api)
Image (download photo, api url)
File (upload a file, api url)
Choice (drop-down list of choices, api, point)
Checkbox (list ticks, api, array, array)
Selection button (a list of buttons, api, point)
Yes/No (option button with message, api returns data)
Page link (select one or more pages, posts or custom fields, api returns the selected url)
Objects (selecting among one or more pages, posts or custom values, api returns the selected objects)
Relationship (search, select, and order objects with a complex interface, api returns the selected objects)
Writing (choice of terms writing options download, display and save, api returns the selected term)
The user (selection of one or more WP users, api returns the selected user)
Google maps (interactive map, api returns the data address)
Date (jquery capture date, options for format, api returns string)
Color picker (WP color choice from the palette)
Tab (group fields into tabs)
The message (the message translation in the field)
Custom (create your own field type)
The PRO version
Also available for download a professional version that includes more fields, huge functionality and flexibility. It includes drop-down lists, fast databases, improved UI and much more.
Repeating actions – create sets of fields that can be repeated again and again while editing content.
Gallery – a simple and intuitive interface for managing a collection of images.
The flexibility of content – determination of groups and fields, adding, editing, and pre-order for the creation of editable content.
Page settings – add additional administration pages to edit ACF fields.