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Elite Ads elite plugin inserts Google Adsense code

Ads Elite

There are many solutions to insert code from a popular advertising network Google Adsense in Joomla, but really good extensions, not so much.
Ads Elite

Today we find the main differences between the component Ads Elite and the advantages of this plugin compared to the rest.
Is a Ads Elite module and plugin to work with extended properties code from Google Adsense.
The component allows you to display ads in the order that is needed.
First, there are setup options such as ads for mobile devices. Also the main feature of this plugin is 100% support for asynchronous code, launched recently. The advantages of this approach is that you need to insert code 1, even when using multiple listings.
In addition, you can convert synchronous code to asynchronous and Vice versa, that can’t do none of the same component.
Up to 3 ads in a row.
Adjusting the direction of the ad or insert your CSS code.
Insert Google Adsense code directly.
Select the type of advertising and its format.
The opportunity to display ads for specific user groups.
Blocking ads in your articles.
Block unwanted IP addresses.