Photoshop lessons

The installation of the program Adobe Photoshop

The first step in learning the program Adobe Photoshop is its setting. Today we will learn how to do it.
Установка программы Adobe Photoshop на ПК

First, we need the distribution with the program.
To download the Photoshop go to the site and we find in column Products the eponymous item.
Next, scroll down the page to see the inscription with the latest version of the program and buttons for its acquisition or temporary use. Click on Try.
After a brief load, you can run the original file and install the program. It should be noted that you are given a certain time mastering Adobe Photoshop. In order to purchase the full version without restrictions, you need to click on the button Buy.

Then go to the main settings of the new version of Adobe Photoshop.
In the upper right corner you can see a dropdown list that is used to display menu on the screen. To view the new feature, select New in CS 6.
A new panel appears with a selection of basic menu items such as Mini Bridge, Layers, Adjusments, etc.
A list of all toolbars you can see on the page.
If you don’t like the dark background in the new version, and you want to bring your program to that view, which was before, for example in CS 5, then you need to go to the menu Edit – Preferences – Interface and to choose the suitable color.