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Adobe Configurator 4 to create custom panels in Photoshop

Probably each of us likes to create something of their own, and especially for such a popular program for image editing like Adobe Photoshop. Especially for her, and was made a separate app which helps to organize your workspace in the most convenient way. Extension Adobe Configurator 4, as the name implies, this is 4 version. Let’s take a look at how quickly and easily you can create your own extension panel with the required settings.
Adobe Configurator 4

First you need to download the program itself to start to work with it. This can be done by clicking on the link.
Once installed on your computer, run it, and see the following picture.
Elaborate on all points I will not, because if you have at least some experience with Photoshop, you will definitely find similar items, for example, open file, export and edit…
Press menu File-New Panel and create the panel that will accommodate all the necessary items. It can be:
Tools Photoshop.
Separate menu items.
So, go to the next setup item in our panel.
Let’s say you wanted to do basic editing modes, or the basic tools for editing photos that would be placed on a separate panel. What do I need? Simply drag the desired items directly into the edit window and place them on the panel as needed.
You have the opportunity to see how the panel will look like before exporting. For this you need to go to the menu File Preview Panel or press Ctrl + P.
If you are ready to export your creations in the form of panels for Photoshop, then press the menu corresponding button.
After that you will open a window to select a folder where you can save the project. Select either the folder with the program Photoshop to directly install the panel or in a separate folder to move the panel manually.
The installation path in each case may be different. For example, Adobe Photoshop CC is:
X:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit)Plug-insPanels
where X is the letter of your drive where you installed the program, and (64 Bit) is its width.
At the moment there are a huge number of different panels and extensions for Photoshop program. On our website you can read more about it on the page.
For developers there is a separate page where you can download your own extensions.

Adobe Configurator 4