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Adobe Configurator – create a panel in Photoshop and write scripts

In one of our previous lessons we learned how to create panels for Photoshop using Adobe Configurator. Now it is time to explain what difficulties may arise with this application, and how to fix them, and you can see how to install extensions in Photoshop.
прошлых уроков мы с вами научились создавать панели для программы Adobe Photoshop при помощи приложения Adobe Configurator. Теперь настала пора объяснить какие трудности могут возникнуть с данным приложением, и как их исправить, а также можно посмотреть, как устанавливать расширения в Фотошоп.

Adobe Configurator

In our example, we will introduce not just the usual operations that are already in the program Adobe Photoshop, and more complex designs. For example, it is very convenient to use actions in Photoshop, if you are processing a huge number of the same photos, so to create a panel with them is not redundant. What do I need?
To create an action we need:
A special file that will translate the action into the script, which we will put to the panel.
The panel with the operation button, when clicked, will execute the action.
Open the application Adobe Configurator and create the panel. How to create a panel can be read here.
We need an icon with a script, drag it to any place of our panel.
Now you need to open Adobe Photoshop and prepare the action. To do this, we open the actions panel and save any shooter to your desktop. You should see a file with the extension .atn.
Then download and extract the file called ActionFileToJavascript.jsx. It will make the task of translating operations in a script (or simply put into a text file, which you then insert in Adobe Configurator). You can download it from the link which is given at the bottom of this article.
So, let’s begin…. All the files ready:
A file with the extension .atn.
Run again the Photoshop and go to menu – File-Scripts-Browse.
Select the file called ActionFileToJavascript.jsx and the after will see the settings window, insert the required paths for our action and the output file with a finished script. As we kept both files to the desktop, then these actions will not make special work…
Open the file using Notepad or any other text editor program and copy all of the text.
Note: If you have installed the program from Adobe Extendscript Toolkit file will automatically open it.
After the above steps, go back to the Adobe Configurator and paste the copied text into the script.
Near the title you will find a button with his editing. Save the dashboard and export it, and then restart Photoshop.
Go to menu to Window-Extensions-Your panel, where instead of “Your panel” should receive a description of the action.
My action converts faded photos into bright and juicy and adds a blue tint to them that you can see on the example below.