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Extension for Joomla – Admiror Frames

Обзор компонентов для мобильной версии сайта на CMS Joomla

One of the great Admiror Frames plugin is to Joomla. It is intended to highlight text in a nicely decorated box. Discuss it in more detail below…

Admiror Frames

So, what is this extension?
First, with the help of this plugin you can convert without much knowledge in programming, an excellent framework to highlight text on the website.
The following demo tags allow you to realize that education.
In the article, write the following code to get the frame default:
[AF template=default]text{/AF]
To get the frame with a curved edge:
[AF template=BR_cut_corner]text{/AF]
To obtain a frame with horizontal position:
[AF template= “horizontal”] text{/AF]
To get the frame with the label “new”:
[AF template=new_tag]text{/AF]
To obtain a round frame:
[AF template=round]text{/AF]
To get the frame with a rounded edge:
[AF template=round_bended_corner]text{/AF]
To get the frame with quote:
[AF template=round_quotes]text{/AF]
To get the frame with white trim:
[AF template=white_border]text{/AF]
It is also possible to customize the color, the size of the frames. Examples:
[AF template=white_border width=30% colorize=96c3d5]text{/AF]
[AF template=white_border width=30% colorize=c3b58a ratio=60]text{/AF]
[AF template=white_border width=30% colorize=b5e71e ratio=30]text{/AF]