Ночной режим / Night mode

In order to secure your Joomla admin panel from hackers, you need to make at least a redirect to another page. For these purposes, and serves the plugin AdminExile.


First of all, it is designed so that when a certain key word that is specified in advance, redirect you to the page administration panel, where you can enter your username and password from Joomla.
Thus excludes the possibility of undesirable persons entering data from the administrator account. Ie, if a person knows that you use a particular CMS, he can safely go to the admin page, but with this component it is impossible (unless, of course, you don’t know the keywords, which is affixed in the module).
Go to the plugin options and in the graph URL Access Key put the necessary key word, for example, adminexile.
Further, if desired, you can specify an additional field – Key Value, where is the value that is after the main key phrase.
Thus we can write:
where localhost is your domain public_html – your folder on the hosting site, the other fields key values plugin.