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Add to Menu – add a menu of articles in Joomla

Add to Menu

Add to Menu is a unique tool that allows the site administrator to set the menu for articles, categories, etc. Very useful solution for those who like to save time on useful things!
Add to Menu

Add to Menu adds a link to the Joomla administration panel with which you can quickly install the menu item for the pages you see.
So if you need to create content on the website and then quickly put it on the menu, the decision could not have been more suitable for this purpose. It is very convenient provided that you have a big project and you need to do a lot of manual intervention. You will save a lot of time!
After installing the component, we need to see the button. Click on it.
You should now have a popup window where we must select the menu item and its properties.
You can configure the following parameters:
Display link
Link Text
Display Tooltip
Adjust Modal Width
Adjust Modal Height


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