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Add FullAjax – full compatibility with popular library

This plugin contains library of Ajax scripts and injects it into the Joomla system, this allows you to use this technology on sites built on the CMS. Fullajax = AJAX (asynchronous loading of JavaScript and XML) + AHAH (asynchronous HTML and HTTP).
Before you install and use this plugin suggest that you carefully read the instructions (in the archive), since the use of this component may lead to irreversible consequences.

Add FullAjax

If you have a template that uses the Joomla standards, then the plugin will work automatically. Thus, you will be able to go to the main page and make sure that the site is working fine.
Be careful, as the plugin may be not fully compatible with some components, plugins and template engine.
In version 2013.11.23: – fix compatibility with Joomla! 3.2 – updated FullAJAX library scripts to the latest version – a detailed description for the configuration.
Fast download of scripts.
Work without reloading the page.
Convenient location of buttons when using.