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Ad Inserter insert any code in WordPress


You need to install ads or widgets on a website running WordPress?
Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a simple but effective plugin to embed any code in WordPress. An ideal solution for code AdSense or Amazon ads. Simply enter any HTML, PHP or JavaScript and choose where and how it should be displayed.
Automatic display options:
Show the code before content (before post or page text)
Display before selected paragraph
The code is set after the selected paragraph
The ad after content (after post or page text)
Before title (does not work with all themes)
In front of the entry (on blog pages)
After the entry (on blog pages)
The number of paragraphs for the option to automatically display the before and after:
0 means the random position of the paragraph
a value between 0 and 1 indicates the relative position on the page or blog post (for example, 0.3 suggests that you need to take 30% of the paragraph at the top or bottom)
1 or more means the number of the paragraph
The paragraphs are counted from the bottom or top.
Additional display settings:
As a widget, just drag the Ad Inserter widget in any position, select the code – you’re done!
Manual installation – insert the short code [adinserter block=”NOMEROK”] or [adinserter name=”IMALLOC”] in a blog entry or HTML page to display the block in this position.
A PHP function is called with – is Simply inserted inside the template to the desired location
Auxiliary settings:
Use {category], {short_title] and other supporting elements of the type {tag], {short_category], {title], and the rest {smart_tag] {search_query] tags to insert actual post data into code blocks
Display code possible:
For all users (default)
Registered visitors
Not logged in the website
Set the visibility:
All devices (default)
Mobile devices (phones and tablets)
PCs and tablets
PC and smartphones
The type of detection devices:
On the server side
On the client side (default)
Important: 2 detection type (PC, tablet or phone): the server and the client.
Note: Use the type of device detection on the server side only if you need to form blocks of code based on the device type. In other cases, turn it off. Detection on the client side for mobile devices and PCs works in the browser.
Alignment and style:
Without spaces (the ad looks “as is”, in other cases, div is used)
Your CSS
No (normal div with a small indent)
Left alignment
Alignment to the right
In the center
Left (text right)
Right-aligned (text left)
Note: If you use the style “Without spaces” and you need to hide code on certain devices using detection on the client side, then add any class to your CSS – (ai-desktop, ai-tablet, etc.).
PHP processing is Enabled or disabled
Not to display advertisements, if the number of paragraphs or words below limit (used only for position before or after the selected paragraph).
The ad display only for posts published after a certain number of days.
Do not display ads to users coming from specific domains, for example, technorati, facebook, etc. (black list) or display ads for them (white list). Use # for direct visits.
Not to display advertisements for certain categories of type of sport, science, etc. (blacklist) or Vice versa (white list).
Not to show ads in posts with specific tags (blacklist) or Vice versa (white list).
Do not show ads on pages with specific url address (black list) and Vice versa (white list).
In addition, you can easily copy the settings from one unit to another. Click the icon to import/export to save. Select settings for a given block of code, copy and paste them in the field on the settings page of another block. Check the import settings and then save the result.


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