Панель Actions в Фотошоп
Now go into the settings panel (right side menu).
Let us examine all the points in order:
Button Mode – designed for visual perception of the user’s current activity. Operations are represented as buttons.
New Action creates a new action.
New Set – creates a new collection action.
Панель Actions в Фотошоп
Duplicate – creates a copy of the recruitment or operations.
Delete – removes the set or operation.
Play – plays action.
Start Recording – records the first operation.
Record Again – writes the next operation.
Insert Menu Item adds a menu item in the operation.
Insert Stop – adds a stop in action.
Insert Path – adds the path to the operation.
Action Option allows you to specify hot key action, change its name and display color.
Playback Options – allows you to specify the settings of the playback operations, such as Accelerated, Step by Step, Pause for.
Clear All Actions – sets or clears all operations.
Reset Actions – replaces all kits or installed by default.
Load Actions – downloads action.
Replace Actions – removes the action and sets up those that you specify.
Save Actions – save actions.
Close – closes the actions panel.
Close Tab Group – closes the panel group.
Панель Actions в Фотошоп