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A4 in Photoshop – creation of the format of the pictures

А4 в Фотошоп

With constant action we face every day, always and everywhere. In order to alleviate, at least in Adobe Photoshop, as well as as much faster to perform certain tasks we will discuss today in this article. For example, for such tasks as creating a document of A4 format, we need to invent a separate action, doing all or nearly all the work for us. In addition to the document created in this format, we will clearly show you how to also add the photo to the newly created element.
А4 в Фотошоп

In order to understand the principle of operation, do it yourself by hand (you can record this sequence in parallel, in action).
So, the first step we open the picture you plan to insert in A4 format. I think this is no problem for anybody…
Then select the points – File-New (File-New) and then take from the drop-down list of templates para International Paper (international paper size).
The selected format will be A4. We also need to set the picture resolution 300 pixels per inch how to format and upload a picture (see photo).
Open the image using the File-Open (File-Open) or any other similar action in Photoshop.
Permission for photos change in the following way – points Image-Image Size (Image – image Size), put the value 300 in the required box (see photo).
For example, instead of 96 dpi then change to 300.
Check the action and the action by starting it on the panel (press F9 or Alt + F9 – depends on the version of Photoshop). How to download and to design an action in the program we wrote earlier.
The following video clip shows the launch process action and the dimension check of the photos after the committed changes.

If you watched the video, you probably noticed that first you need to prepare (upload a photo) and then click on run this action. The fact that it’s easier to edit the pictures – first, choose from the appropriate option(s) and then put them in an A4 document.


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