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7 situations on test etiquette

7 ситуаций

If you are sure 100% that you know the rules of etiquette, then it’s time to put it to the test, seeing a sample of 7 photos.

Congratulations to the bride to the wedding

For example, the rules of etiquette you may wish happiness to the bride but to congratulate only the groom is. Why? It’s very simple: the romantic story of the conquest of woman by man, and not Vice versa, so young or not man is worthy of praise.


Game eat with his bare hands, but what about miss lady in the Elevator, say, or to say “be healthy!” person at work? Now all and check…

Mixing sugar clockwise

Mistake is mixing spoon Cup clockwise, but you just need to move her back and forth. So the sugar will dissolve faster and you will not need to follow in order to knock on the walls of the Cup were loud.

To pass the pepper without the salt

If you are still passing the salt without the pepper, and Vice versa, be sure that the etiquette is for the man both together. This custom stems from the fact that salt without pepper can’t exist.

To cover mouth when coughing, right hand

Again everything is prosaic: if to cough, covering her right hand, which we served at the meeting, it is possible as well to transfer a huge number of germs, and not only them…

To contact “you” to teenagers


Even if you are not in St. Petersburg, according to the etiquette you should apply you to the young man over 12 years…

Say “be healthy”


With family you can say such a hackneyed phrase, but at work or people you according to the rules of etiquette don’t have to do this. Just pretend you haven’t noticed, as a cultured man. Max – offer a tissue.

Skip the lady in the Elevator


This man should remember that the Elevator is not a place for the manifestation of gallant abilities, but only a source of risk, so the first comes at him, the man, and then all the rest. In addition, you should get off of the dangerous object in the following way: whoever is closer to the door, is the first of it regardless of gender, and then others.