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The top 5 services for email newsletter

Рейтинг 5 сервисов для email рассылки

Services email marketing has long gone beyond the basic functionality of the “Upload a database of subscribers and send newsletter by email”.

On most platforms you can now do an automated mailing, as well as connectivity options available other channels/rss feeds, customization of personal messages and access to detailed statistics.

We picked 5 most popular services/delivery and try to find out which of them differ.

Mailing Services

You can remove from the list the following standard functions for such services, among them:

  • upload your own email database and creation in the editor independently of mailing lists, because any messaging service must cope with such tasks.
  • Clear and accessible option for deliverability of messages to the recipient. Everything known services reported the availability of 98 to 99%. This makes sense: most of the platforms, ensuring delivery of results by mail.
  • basic Analytics. You must see the fundamentals and basic metrics of the type of opening, delivery, referrals, formal replies and formal complaints for potential spam.
  • Training material. The service of trying to simplify the users task, therefore, from each list you can find tutorial videos and a blog where readers learn good information of the user.
  • Auto-populate the name, country, city, and other data in the letter.

We decided to compare the 5 most popular messaging service: eSputnik, UniSender, GetResponse, SendPulse, MailChimp. The article then presents a more detailed and well-formatted information about each of these services.


Maybe One of the most popular online services not only in Russia but also outside the country. Ideal product for small and medium businesses.

Main advantages

At the free rate you available to send not more than 1,500 letters per calendar month and not more than 100 contacts own database. In addition, for all those wishing access to the most useful tools of this service.

Layouts and the block editor

UniSender has a built-in adaptive block editor

Integration – more than 45 ready-made integrations with CMS systems, CRM, online shops, etc. in Addition, you can integrate the API with special services that are not in the list.

Useful functions for working with lists

Separate letters about the event. You can configure the disappearance of the letters in response to user actions: subscribe to the newsletter, click on the link and open the previous letter.

  • A/B tests.
  • Segmentation subscriber base.
  • Online editor pop-up forms.
  • form Editor subscription.
  • Convenient design of the individual pages of type unsubscribe and html documents with reasons for the decision.
  • Check the validity of the contacts to remove invalid addresses from the list.
  • Statistics newsletters located including in a separate Telegram-bot.

ANalysis functionality

The report mailing list, you can see a standard set of email metrics: open, deliverability, conversions, reply, spam. You available unique map clicks, links to which are more common in the letter.

ON a separate page with the analysis you can see global statistics: how has the number of sent emails and other data over different time period of time.


YOu can customize and send conversations initiated by different events: signing up for a newsletter or adding to the contact list. There are also additional channels of communication: Viber, SMS, RSS.

Technical Support

Operates 24/7 in private chat. You can write by e-mail or simply call the telephone number.

It Costs about $ 20 a month for a contact list of 3,000 people.


The Service offers its customers email newsletters to B2C, mostly for online stores.

The free fare can load up to 500 email and send any number of emails. In addition, almost all full features are available in the free version.

Templates, and the block editor

The service has adaptive block editor, Stripo, where there are only 8 finished models.In the block editor, in addition to the usual letters, is also available for the creation of interactive messages AMP with retractable lists, etc.


All third-party services should be connected via API (via developers), so there is no ready-made integrations, which is inconvenient. You can use the Zapier service in a pinch.

Useful tools

ARtificial intelligence, which helps in working with letters: select the day and frequency distribution recommendations are the product, tips on re-activation, the order of the blocks advertisements and much more.

  • Segmentation of contacts by RFM.
  • FUnction analysis. One of the most powerful analysis systems in all services. You can rate and run regular distribution separately, to monitor the reputation of the domain postmaster. In addition to the core indicators (transitions/delivery/open letters), the online service provides access to data about status of subscriber base: the activity and the growth in mail contacts.


Has a built-in script designer, ie you can manually create a series of emails that will disappear in response to certain actions of the subscriber. In addition to email, automation can be connected to other channels such as push notifications, SMS, etc.

Technical Support

Write directly in the chat, as well as the popular Skype, email or contact that works 24 hours 7 days a week.

The Cost of services starts from $ 25 per month for 2,500 email.


POsition yourself as a platform for marketing automation. The service has multiple channels (email, SMS, Viber) that can be logically associated with each other and establish multi-channel interaction with customers.

  • for Free you can download a database of up to 2,500 subscribers and send send them no more than 15 000 letters per calendar month. The user resources at this level have limitations:
  • Provides access to all settings for the segmentation.
  • is Present incomplete Analytics and statistics.
  • You asked to have up to 3 addresses.
  • is Not possible to invite users to the already existing.
  • There is a special block that says “Sent via SendPulse” all the letters that cannot be removed from the mailing list.
  • Automation is available to set up to 5 events.

BLock model and editors

COnvenient, adaptive block editor can access more than 60 models, designed for different business models.

INtegration. 50 ready-made integrations with CRM systems and CMS, services, e-Commerce and other applications. There is a API for developers.

USeful tools

  • A/B tests.
  • form Editor subscription.
  • the Ability to work remotely via your smartphone.
  • Has and collaboration with colleagues, which can be granted with the right to access to the right elements of the service.
  • Is the SMTP server used for sending transactional emails.

ANalytical capabilities

In Addition to the basic data, you can see the number of customers by country, the map of clicks, statistics on the input device. You can monitor the performance of your mobile app.


360 AUtomaton automation system works in SendPulse. It is possible to create chains of messages, logic, add messages, push messages, etc. is already connected to some models of such interactions.

The Channels

WEb push, SMS, Viber, chat bots Facebook.

Technical Support

The Standard ways of communication 24 hours a day by phone or email.

PRice starts from 12.8 dollars for a database of 3,000 email.


INteresting multifunctional integration platform, the existing by means of email marketing. In addition to standard tools, you can find those that are not in other services: webinars, auto way, system CRM, designer landing pages.

YOu can try any plan free for 30 days. The map should not be tied. Options demo depend on the chosen tariff. For example, if the cheapest access to some automation, webinars, integrated CRM system and personal support will be banned.

TEmplates, and the block editor

The Service offers more than 200 models, and to write a letter from scratch can any. You can build it in an adaptable block editor or HTML editor.


MOre than 150 integrations with CRM systems and CMS, social networks, services of analysis, tools of electronic Commerce and other applications. Integration is more relevant for foreign markets, but most popular services present.

USeful tools

  • Segmentation of the customer base.
  • the Presence of A/b tests.
  • Mailing timezone of the client.
  • Rating-spam emails.
  • to Send emails in the specified period of time.
  • upload videos and conduct webinars directly in the service.
  • Has built-in editors for subscription forms and landing pages.
  • Is CRM system.
  • Good integration of the site infrastructure service mailings.

ANalysis functionality

YOu can monitor the effectiveness of the shipments in real time: on the chart you can see delivery, open, and transitions throughout the day. You can also evaluate which devices users most often scan emails, where they live and how they react to emails. A separate Analytics tab for trigger mailings.


CHannels – not applicable.

Technical Support


The Postal service with the largest number of users worldwide. This platform has already surpassed e-mail and now offers a huge number of different tools for the development and management of marketing: landing pages, a service to embed in social networks, postcards and a private CRM system.

Free bet. You can upload up to 2,000 contacts and send up to 10,000 emails. The free bet has been reduced: you can’t see all the tests, the number of email templates are limited, no access to advanced tools to send and block “Made in Mailchimp” appears at the bottom of the message.

BLock model and editors. The service offers dozens of models for various business sectors. If you wish, you can create a letter from scratch in the block editor or HTML editor.


DIfficult to find a ready integration, which would not be in the service, because it is well-known, and most of the developers are trying to integrate with the platform.

USeful tools

  • Personalization: automatically determining the best time to send, predicting gender and age of recipients, sending to different time zones.
  • a/b tests.
  • using a mobile app you can send lists to keep track of tests and view lists of customers.
  • Working with contact details using CRM systems.
  • Integration of an online store in the CRM.
  • Analytical capabilities. The service provides statistics on regular newsletters, automatic emails, social networks and landing pages. Report about the letters includes both core and extended indicators: customer value throughout life, the growth and involvement of the audience, ROI. All reports can be viewed in the mobile app.


You can create a unique trigger emails and lots of messages for different events: check-in service, abandoned shopping cart, the invitation to the webinar. For most purposes the service is already ready templates.


POstcards, posting to social networks, landing pages, retargeting.

TEchnical support

According to the free tariff technical support is available by email only. For the more expensive fares are available round the clock chat and phone support. The answer is only in English.

Cost: the base of 2500 email per month – $ 30 for the course, Essentials and $ 50 on the standard rate. Premium starts from 10,000 contacts for $ 300 per month.