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4485323 +7(812) – and then the intercom if it’s an Internet provider?


Today we shall deal with negative publicity of a brand that is as I understand it in Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad region (Zextel). Phone this wonderful company that never responsible – +7(812) 4485323, but all in good time.
4485323 +7(812)

So, July 6 left a request for connection of the intercom system in the organization. Then they called me and said that can connect, BUT! ATTENTION! ONLY from 17.00 to 19.00! How do you mean? Service on 0 points – is clearly not above!
Go on. Of course, I asked whether it is possible to set another time that is more convenient for me, and received the answer that NO! this type of your problems, “we can’t for each client to adapt” – literally! In total, I agreed, though in a completely inconvenient time, as their Desk is not working at this time, and the sense to wait for the masters, if they don’t come, for example. And so it happened, they didn’t even warned what will not appear this evening, so they waited just in vain – dash get free the “excellent” opinion about themselves…
Called on Monday, and was supposed to come on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday they rest. Then in the call center I was told that type “sorry, come another time…”. No comment!
The results
In comparison with the savings Bank and their service is possible to put a fat five! In relation to their own and other customers – exactly 0, even -1 to put, if possible. In addition, it is not clear why LCD “Kudrovo” encourages its settlers to this office, as well as and then the intercom if they position themselves as an Internet provider?
Next, let’s review the main positions in the search of the website of this company.

As you can see from the above screenshot, issues on traffic can not be – it is simply no! Where customers take is unclear, apparently with contextual advertising and Contracting with LCD!… 1 person per day/month, search is powerful!
Now go through the queries:

Village, village, the Internet is almost incompatible things, although if you take the village of Kudrovo, there are already a few thousand people certainly is. For these queries, and can judge the seriousness of the company and how it works. Here again, no comment!