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3d map generator is a unique and wonderful plugin for Adobe Photoshop which offers you to install and create a three-dimensional map of any object. There is support for insertion of a conventional Google maps and markers, the package also contains additional material in the form of PSD source: markers, various objects, actions, etc.

3d map generator

To start working with this extension, you must install it in Photoshop. For this you will need the Adobe Extension Manager CC.
P. S. It included Adobe Photoshop, or taken from the official Adobe website.
In one of the previous lessons we looked at how to install the extension in Adobe Photoshop.

So, once the plugin has been installed, go to program menu – Window-Extensions-3D Map Generator 2.
A window will appear with settings for creating and generating three-dimensional maps. It is necessary to specify the allocation, then apply the desired style, etc. learn More about how to create a 3D map, you can see in the video.

There are many ways to create these cards, for example, using the tools: pen, brush, highlight, etc. But more realistic picture can be done using a conventional screenshot from Google maps. You then define the desired area by using Pen Tool, and then create a vector mask.
Use the styles as shown in the video, as if you use this plugin for the first time, you may encounter some of its features.

You can either leave the Google map is the top layer, or impose on him a particular style. Also you will have a variety of labels and markers to highlight sections of three-dimensional map.
The video shows how to change the top layer, and how to set them.

You can see how to create a 3D map screenshot from Google maps.