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14 people who spoke to James Friedman (part 2)

Джеймс Фридман

Continue to watch over masters of Photoshop that I like to Troll people and turn a seemingly innocuous idea into a farce and a provocation. In the first part you can admire other creations of the original Retoucher James Friedman.
-Hey, James! I like the photo with my friend. Can you please remove the baby with the glasses behind me… I don’t like his face.
I like his face.

– Hey, James! Can, plz remove the plastic pieces on my photo?
– Of course.

– Hey, James! Want to send photo to a friend, but he is Hamming. Can you photoshop it so that it ceased to wriggle forever?
He’s not Hamming.

– Can make me like a child?
– Yes, of course.

– Hi James! Can close please the eyes of my girlfriend in this photo?

– Hope this helps.

James! I need help! My family and I were at the concert, and I’m wearing awful short shorts. My legs look awful. (I left.)

You’re good.