1001 advice for the development of computer – book online

1001 совет по обустройству компьютера

Yury Revich
1001 Council for the development of the computer, or how to organize their space sitting behind the monitor and spending a long time at the computer at home.

1001 совет по обустройству компьютера - книга онлайн

This book was distributed and collected and summarized the many years of results and advice on useful solutions to the numerous challenges that face one way or another when using different models of computers: from laptops and netbooks to powerful stationary options. These tips were all tested on their own personal experience, and distributed over such headings as:

computer networks + network connection
browsing the Internet,
configuration, installation, repair operating system
protection from different viruses,
the hardware for the PC.

In addition, the book is really dealing with a number of answers to questions that arise before the purchase of the computer itself Internet store. In addition, this guide explain to a ready and proven solution that can take full and meaningful conclusion, and apply the full range of tasks with a minimum of technical data.

+ CD-ROM – only for printed editions of this book.

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